Here at TeamWork Staffing, we understand that you do not need “bodies” to fill positions; you need qualified personnel who contribute to your bottom line. You need staff members who compliment your business plan and  a partner who understands your business and wants to see your business grow and succeed. Our customized process is tailored for your unique business so we can create the workforce solutions your business needs!

Qualified Candidates-

Here at TeamWork Staffing, we understand the pool of qualified candidates for any position is dynamic.  We make it our business to stay current on recruiting, screening, interviewing and evaluating prospective hires.  We take extensive measures to ensure the quality of our team members.  We drug test 100% of our candidates with a 12 panel drug test, resume checks, annual safety and job training, and skills test that measure their proficiency at their position.  All candidates are vetted through background checks.

We Pledge to you…

  • To offer you the most qualified employees possible
  • To immediately start working to fill your orders as soon as we hear from you
  • To go well beyond the call of duty to help you in your business needs
  • Your success is our success
  • We will work with you to establish a measured standard(s), allowing us to track and trend our successes and our challenges.
  • To Work as a Team to facilitate continuous improvement and identify efficiencies. “TeamWork makes the Dream Work!”

What we ask from you…

  • To give equal treatment to TeamWork Staffing employees
  • To support our safety policy that no team member will asked to operate any machine or device that they have not yet been trained.
  • Provide feedback on performance and satisfaction of our services.


Upon hire, TeamWork Staffing will nurture and honor all agreements.

Temp hire- We have the candidates to match your temporary needs. Which also includes seasonal hires.

Team-to-hire- We offer temporary arrangements for you to evaluate our employees for a more permanent position.

Direct hire- We have a pool of qualified candidates to provide you permanent placements if needed.

Payroll- Candidates start on TeamWork Staffing’s payroll, relieving you from all administrative requirements and duties.

Job Seekers

Having a hard time getting employed or just simply tired of what you are doing right now?


Looking for employees to fill your vacant positions? Look no further.


We honor everyone’s calls and visits so PLEASE do not be shy.